"You know, if there was [sic] no such thing as the written word, I'd be telling stories on street corners."
---------Harold Robbins

Thursday, February 9, 2012


                Or, how bizarre!

In spite of the fact that UMG/Universal France blocks my viewing of all French videos on You Tube, they send to me the following promotional for Madonna's new CD at my YouTube account on Monday, February 06, 2012 @ 5:00 PM EST [ie 11:00 PM Paris or European Central Time!]

Découvrez le nouveau single de MADONNA "Give me all your luvin" ainsi que son album MDNA disponible en version exclusive en pré-commande à durée limitée à 9.99€ jusqu'au 6 Février !
Disponible en téléchargement légal : http://bit.ly/A6qWwx" -- February 3, 2012

Or in English:
[Discover the new single from MADONNA "Give me all your luvin" and her album MDNA available in exclusive pre-order time-limited to € 9.99 until February 6th!
Available for download: http://bit.ly/A6qWwx "- February 3, 2012]
As if they hadn't already committed the absurdity of sending me a questionnaire in regard to my experience with a BluRay that I had ordered in January 2011 and received 6+ weeks later -- in March of 2011. The questionnaire was sent on January 27th and offered a €5 discount on a future purchases for taking the survey. After completing the survey, I was rewarded with a discount code good on any purchase of €35 or more good until January 10!

Why they didn't just date the discount code good till the Ides of March of 63 BC I don't know.