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Sunday, July 17, 2011

 It’s ironic that Tea Party Icon Congressman Allen West (Rep) Fl 22 District [Boca Raton and northern Broward County / Ft Lauderdale] who was on the CBS Evening News on this past Friday July 15th proudly proclaiming that he would never agree to raise the US debt ceiling –ever–not even a penny, is trying to gives away Florida taxpayers’ dollars to private enterprise.

For a print version of his comments on the debt ceiling:
Rep. Allen West on McConnell debt plan: It's dead on arrival

But there was no mention that only a couple of weeks ago he approached the Mayor of Broward County, Sue Gunzburger, with a request to pony up $14 million for new Super Sky Boxes at the Bank Atlantic Center [home to the NHL Florida Panthers and concerts by Lady Gaga, the Rolling Stones, and others]. Apparently he thinks that the county has money to burn.

In fact, the county budget has a shortfall of $20 million dollars and the school board has given pink slips to 700 teachers. Municipalities in the county seeking grants to make up budget short falls have been turned down. One example: the city of Hollywood planned to pink-slip a number of police officers to make ends meet, and the officers agreed to take a 12% pay cut so that no one would loose his or her job.

West’s excuse for the $14 million dollar give away is that: "It would create jobs." Never mind that of the original construction cost of $212 million, the county put up $184.7 million and was promised a share of the profits. Since the opening of the arena thirteen years ago in 1998 the county has received one check for $200,000. The county is not allowed to see the books! Even more damning financial details are on the arena website:   http://hockey.ballparks.com/NHL/FloridaPanthers/newindex.htm

 None of this bothers the last of the Red Hot Spenders, as long as a few people in the Holy Private Sector (genuflect, please) are able to pocket the money.

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